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The Sibling Scoop


Approaching her first birthday, Amani is more adventurous than ever often climbing and swinging from the topmost part of her exhibit on her own. Her keepers also note more frequent interactions with Motuba, her very patient and gentle father - he even tolerates her licking his feet, which she is known to do on occasion!
Amani recently welcomed a half-brother, Ajabu. Although he's been quite alert since birth, Ajabu grows more aware of his surroundings each day and is already attempting to reach out and touch the mesh or his keepers during protected contact training sessions with mom, Kira.
Kira remains very protective of her first-born son and he’s proven to be a confident gorilla, already attempting to climb out of Kira’s secure embrace. Zoo staff has not seen Kira put Ajabu down yet, but guests may notice she does have him practice sitting up in her lap as he begins to grow stronger. Our primate keepers expect she'll break contact with him soon and he'll likely begin crawling within the next month - another important milestone for Kira's youngster.