Congolese Students Select Names for Kira's Baby


Philadelphia Zoo is pleased to, once again, partner with Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center (GRACE) to name our baby gorilla born on June 2. As part of GRACE’s education mission, the gorilla sanctuary works with Congolese youth and their conservation clubs to foster wildlife protection and advocacy.

Upon learning about Philadelphia Zoo, Kira and her baby, these young students selected a list of names each signifying the importance of this amazing birth.  After much anticipation, the names are in and we’re happy to announce the final list and the meanings behind the names selected:

Wasingya (“thanks”) to thank Kira for giving birth to her baby.
Lwanzo (“love”) because Kira was happy to see her baby.
Ajabu (“miracle”) because it is a miracle that an animal gives birth with assistance.
From this list, we’re enlisting the help of another special group to choose Kira’s baby’s name! Stay tuned!